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It's called FEAR

Let’s call it what it is, fear. That big, scary feeling that makes you want to freeze in place. Your mind swirling with possibilities of what could go wrong. It almost feels like your feet are stuck in place because you don’t know where to start or how it’s all going to shake out. I’ve got news for you; nobody knows what’s going to happen. If they tell you that they do, they’re lying.

The most effective way to move forward in times of fear is to acknowledge it, accept it, and get into action! Being afraid is part of being human, but what you do with that fear is what matters most.

When I speak with clients about estate planning, the number one thing they tell me is, “I’ve been meaning to do this forever.” And the most common reason for holding back from contacting me was the fear of how hard and difficult they thought planning their estate would be.

I have yet to hear someone say, “Man, that was harder than I thought.” To a person, each and every one of my clients was surprised by how smooth and streamlined we made the process of creating and executing their personalized estate plan. More often than not, the most effective tools in my toolbox are understanding, empathy, and education.

Our firm specializes in understanding our clients. We work with you to get to know what really matters to you. What are your fears? What are your goals? What is your ideal outcome? And then we take a holistic view of your family wishes, financial holdings, risks, pain points, and future plans. Armed with a comprehensive understanding we get to work.

Throughout the process, empathy is one of my most important practices. And it truly is a practice. Our firm is not a bunch of stuffy shirts, we care about who we are serving and what we are doing. Not only that, we deliver white glove service by meeting our clients where they are. My own personal experiences have been wide and varied. And through them, I am grateful to have become the man I am today.

Estate planning is about understanding who you are, empathizing with how you feel, and providing the education that you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. And that is ultimately what we are here to do. We are your attorneys, advisors, counselors, and all around good humans.

So if you have any questions about estate planning, wills, trusts, advance healthcare directives, powers of attorney, or real estate, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation. Email: call: (415) 692-1503, or book time with us directly by clicking

Stay safe, stay healthy and be well.

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